AmiBlitz3 - NtuiCreator V1.1 (26.12.2015)
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Autor:  HelmutH [ 10 Jan 2015, 18:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  AmiBlitz3 - Include updates (09.01.2015)

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Änderungen in AmiBlitz3:

[r515] (HEAD) by tomsmart1

- changed Search&Replace window to automatic active the Sourcewin if a botton
is pressed this make a direct edit possible
- fix a possible access to a unopen window in the eventcode for the label
- optimized the Compilerstatus routines
- optimized routine to show Compileerror
- replaced hardcode numbers with constants for Rawkeys and Vanillakeys
- added the possibility to close all windows with ESC-key except the
source window
new exe

[r514] by tomsmart1

- hashmap.include and preprocessor.include moved new .internal_Demo label that
it only active if it compile as mainprogam not as include.

- fixed exit of the program to prevent an access of the dos.library after it
was closed!
- relabeled the exit code, remove unused dead code and move some code
- changed #NULL to Null
new exe

[r513] by tomsmart1

- ab3support and prefixtree fixed the compiling of source that not use the new constant "NO_AB3SUPPORTPFT".
- hashmap fixed that pathes of the datafiles for the demo and changed #NULL to token Null.

- Fixed the pathes dor the datafiles and added Freemem calles for the alloced and used Memory of the Demo

[r512] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- image.inlcude changed the Result of image_GetRPPtr{} to return a Pointer in the format *rp.Rastport!
Other Include changed to compile with Syntaxlevel 6 only testet with the include internal Demo and Demos from /Examples!
- all changed to compile with Syntaxlevel 6.
- dbl_shooter.ab3 fixed Hits with release of the Masks of the Balls use now the image.include function for it.

[r511] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
Image and PNG together with Blackbird revised.
!! Attention now all functions of the image.include that need and use a Rastport needed it as a Pointer (*rp.Rastport) !!

[r510] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
ntui includes:
- fixed the creation of non sizeable Windows
- fixed a Nullpointer access if a mousclick happend to an empty listview with NtuiXMLTestero

[r509] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
image.include fixed compile with Syntax 6 for include and internal Demo

[r508] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- fix the settings of the Optimize and Syntax level that it not overwrite the main progam!
- set the Optimize and Syntax level for the NTUI Demos
- fix the path of the ntui.include
new exe.

[r507] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
-added Constante "#NO_AB3SUPPORTPFT" to select between the use of the ab3support.library prefixtree implentation or the amiblitz own from the prefixtree.include.

Autor:  HelmutH [ 05 Feb 2015, 23:40 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: AmiBlitz3 - Include updates (09.01.2015)

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Änderungen in AmiBlitz3:

[r519] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- changed prefs path from ENV: to program path Blitz:Debug by Blackbird
- fixed double use of Variablenames for a Stringarray and a Long by Blackbird
- replaced Peek$() by Peek.s()
- fixed, expand some texts of the info requesters
new exe

[r518] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- image_ext.include changed #NULL and NULL to 0 for optional function
parameters to make a compile with syntax 6 possible.

[r517] by tomsmart1
- replaced #NULL with Null
- limit the shown sourceline to 40 chars for the error message to prevent to
width requesters.
- added the delete of the mempool2 at exit to free the used memory.
- removed some unused and unneeded sourcecode.
new exe

[r516] by tomsmart1
- added a detection of MorphOS to use the CacheClearE function and all other
OS use CacheClearU. It was necessary because the compiler crashs on AOS 4
with the use of CacheClearE.
new exe

Autor:  HelmutH [ 29 Dez 2015, 15:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: AmiBlitz3 - Include updates (09.01.2015)

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Änderungen in AmiBlitz3:

[r568] (HEAD) by derwanderer
NTUI: ntui_FreeObject allows Null ptr
NTUI: ntui_Rethink checks for Null ptr
NTUI: #TUITBA_TEXT now works as expected, returning the whole text of a TextBox in one block
str.include: added str_Alloc to allocate memory of a string without filling it by another string

[r567] (HEAD) by derwanderer
NTUI: code cleanup, note: for the internal NTUI demo, run the Includes/ntui.include.ab3, DO NOT RUN NTUI/main.ab3
NTUI: fixed illegal memory access in TextBox when deleting last character in line
DOS: added getWBStart function to get the pointer to WBStartup struct

[r566] (HEAD) by derwanderer
AIDE: improvements in configuration (may cause trouble right now, stable version is in progress...)

[r565] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- removed unneeded Residents from the NTUI headers
- removed some wrong path and file names form the PE headers

[r564] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- removed the open and close comFunc_... because its now controled by the gui
- changed PED ID
- removed the control to open and close of the compile status window
- added a check for invailed pathes and filenames for the creation of release
- added the control to open and close of the compile status window
NEW EXEs of Compiler,PEd and Debugger because the comdata structur change!
PEd and the Compiler doesn't work together with older version of the other!

[r563] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- changed the creation of the .dbg file to use a 128k buffer to speed it up
new exe

[r562] by tomsmart1
- changed/fixed that the .dbg file only contains the data of the last compile
if make smallest not set.
new exe

Autor:  HelmutH [ 29 Dez 2015, 15:17 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  AmiBlitz3 - Copacabana V0.5 (13.12.2015)

13.12.2015 Copacabana V0.5 veröffentlicht

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Eine neue Gui um SVN-Befehle ein wenig einfacher zu handhaben.

- Sie können es verwenden, um eine Arbeitskopie aus einem Archiv zu überprüfen
- Aktualisieren einer Arbeitskopie
- Bereinigen einer Arbeitskopie
- Anzeigen des Status einer Arbeitskopie
- Hinzufügen/entfernen von Dateien oder Schubladen aus einem Archiv
- Anzeigen einiger Infos von Dateien der Arbeitskopie
- Bereinigen einer gesperrten Arbeitskopie

Autor:  HelmutH [ 29 Dez 2015, 15:23 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  AmiBlitz3 - NtuiCreator V1.1 (26.12.2015)

26.12.2015 NtuiCreator V1.1 von Blackbird erschienen

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Neu in dieser Version ist:

- Findstring eingebaut
- Casesense habe ich nun auch drin....

Falls irgendwas fehlt oder jemand Vorschläge bringen möchte was besser zu lösen wäre, bitte bescheid geben.

Zum download: NtuiCreator V1.1

25.12.2015 Änderungen in Version 1.0
- Beide Listviews funktionieren nun so wie sie sollen und geben die ausgewählten Attribute in die Textbox aus.
- Die neu erzeugte Tuiengine gibt nun auch den Event aus. Das bedeutet, man kann nun auf ein erzeugtes
Gadget klicken und den Event anzeigen lassen. Bei großen Guis sicherlich sehr hilfreich.

22.12.2015 Änderungen in Version 0.9
- Die Liste der Gadgets wird nun dynamisch generiert.
- Alle Attribute werden nun in Listviews angezeigt. Einmal für jedes Object, und einmal global für alle Objekte.
- HelpButton der Gui zugefügt. Anzeigen/Refresh der Listviews ist nun auch mit dem Button möglich anstatt nur mit der HelpTaste
- Cli-Start repariert. NtuiCreator startet nun wieder von der Shell aus
- Neues Label eingebaut das anzeigt ob der Text editiert wurde

13.12.2015 Änderungen in Version 0.8:
- Neu ist das Menü Edit.Copy, Past, Undo, Delete sowie Select usw..
- Fehler der Textbox sind nun behoben.

Autor:  HelmutH [ 31 Jan 2016, 14:05 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  AmiBlitz3 - NtuiCreator V1.3 (23.01.2016)

23.01.2016 NtuiCreator V1.3 von Blackbird erschienen

Änderungen zur Vorversion:
- sämtliche Gadgets sind nun mit den allernötigsten Tags gefüttert,
- Clipboardfunktionen fürs laden eines Fragments eingebaut,
- Textabschnitt selektieren und als Fragment abspeichern eingefügt.

Zum download: NtuiCreator V1.3

Autor:  HelmutH [ 13 Feb 2016, 14:30 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  AmiBlitz3 - Include updates (09.02.2016)

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Änderung in AmiBlitz3:

[r570] (HEAD) by tomsmart1
- chanded the ComData_GetW and ComData_GetB macro to first clear the full
destination register, this fix some problems with PutD0 command
- renamed PEDVersionID constant to ComDataVersionID
- added comLong_DestBufferSize
- Changed ComDataVersionID to refeced the changes.
This result that this Versions of PEd, Compiler und Debugger won't work with
older Versions
- fixed a possible endless compile loop if free mem is to small for big alloc
if OnePassCompiling is active, now it switch back to make small
- added the set of the destination buffer in the comdata structure for the
- renamed PEDVersionID constant to ComDataVersionID
- added the set of the ComDataVersionID in CLI-Mode this is needed now for the
new exe
- added a test of the ComDataVersionID so we are save to use the comdatas
- added the access to comLong_DestBufferSize to get the programsize this fix
the problem to get the size on OS4
- changed the output of the Variabletrace by added "'" around strings and
spaces to clear old Values
- deactived the windowborder redraw for all windows this remove the flick on
every update
new exe
- renamed PEDVersionID constant to ComDataVersionID
new exe

[r569] by tomsmart1
- fixed a possible Hit and endless loop if a load error happen with a
Residents this may fix other hits with the error requester.

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