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U-Boot 1.3.1 for Sam440ep released

Bassano del Grappa, 08 Dec 2008

ACube Systems is pleased to announce the release of a new version of U-Boot firmware for its line of motherboards Sam440ep. With this new release a number of problems have been fixed together with the adding of Dual Graphic Cards support.

What's new in this version:

* U-Boot can enable at the same time the onboard M9 and an external PCI gfx board. This allows the use of an additional gfx card under OS4.1 for example (tested with a 9250 and 7000 PCI cards)
* implemented the "reset" command
* fixed the "ide reset" command
* introduced a new uboot var "scan_usb_storage" to scan for USB mass storage devices (disabled by default)
* reworked menu and removed unused items

Additional information:

Dual booting of Linux and AmigaOS 4.1 will be possible with the new SLB that is currently under betatesting.

Enabling the output on the external PCI gfx card may take a few seconds longer from within U-Boot.

On the PCI gfx card, U-Boot will enable VGA output and VGA-over-DVI output. Digital DVI output doesn't work correctly right now (the monitor will show an out of range message) but become usable when the OS loads and correct the settings.

To use OS4.1 with a two gfx cards setup, you can download the following files:

* PCIGraphics

(put them into DEVS:Monitors)

* Picasso96Settings

(put into DEVS:)

Use Picasso96Mode to fine tuning the settings to your needs.

UBoot 1.3.1 updater
Dual Graphic Card support

ACube News

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