Amiga parallel port joyport expansion
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Autor:  novamann [ 19 Mär 2009, 16:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Amiga parallel port joyport expansion

I was browsing your Amiga hardware site. It's great!

I've included pictures of an Amiga parallel port joyport expansion
adapter that allowed someone to play a '4 joystick game' such as Hired
Guns etc.

This adapter allowed joystick 3 and 4 options to be enabled in many
games of the day by plugging into the parallel port of the amiga.

It was designed by Proton Palace (J.D. Robbins was the circuit designer)
circa 1993 and sold well.

I do hope you could add this Joyport Adapter hardware to your site under
Misc Hardware.

Best regards,

J.D. Robbins

DSC04612.JPG [ 122.56 KiB | 1187 mal betrachtet ]
DSC04611.JPG [ 126.74 KiB | 1188 mal betrachtet ]
DSC04610.JPG [ 155.53 KiB | 1187 mal betrachtet ]
DSC04609.JPG [ 152.28 KiB | 1187 mal betrachtet ]

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