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After being amaized at the wealth of information available on the amiga
hardware site - I thought that it should point out that Expansion
Systems did produces the Dataflyer 2000s, it was a Zorrow II full length
card and had room for 8 simms and 1 x 3.5 inch scsi 2 drive onboard - it
also had an internal scsi 2 header and an external scsi HI-D scsi 2 socket.

I know it exists because I owened one - however it suffered with
compatability issues with the CBM A2630 accelerator card - the populated
ram was lost and there was difficulty booting from the HDD in 68030
mode. I ended up sueing CBM for the system I had built which was an
A2000 twin Floppy, Dataflyer 2000s with 8 Meg 20 gig HDD scsi ii drive,
A2286 Bridge board and genlock with 5,25 IBM Floppy, CBM/IBM DOS
partition on HDD, - again would not work with 68030 board enabled - had
to work in native 68000 mode, and the CBM A2301 Genlock Card - Quite a
machine had it have worked properly - they ended up paying out with
interest when they wouldn't settle for either an A3000T or A4000-040 the
best they would offer was the A4000-030ec with no SCSI, NO Bridge board,
- so no deal. However if there was no accelerator or a different one
than the Commodore 030 one then the Dataflyer A2000s was brilliant, a
very reliable piece of hardware with the accelerator card removed.

Hope this helps out to update the amiga hardware data base.



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