Commodore 1901 und 1902
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There are two types "Commodore 1901" monitors.

One type is the color PAL/RGB made by Thomson
("ESE: European Standard Electronics PTE. Ltd.").
This PAL model what I can see on BBoAH site.

The second type is a monochrome monitor for PC
made by NAP (North American Philips).
It is green monochrome (I think mono CGA) and this is available in 110V only.

All of three Commodore 19xx color monitors are RGB,
but not support Amiga RGB because they are
RGBi (like IBM CGA) to support C128 and PC CGA.

Commodore 1902 made by Daewoo
It has 3 RCA: Audio/Lumina/Chroma;
and a 9-pin D-sub male digital RGBi connector.

Commodore 1902A made by Philips.
It has 2 RCA: CVBS-composite/Audio;
an LCA 6-pin DIN:

Pin Number Separate LCA

1 N/C
2 Audio
3 Ground
4 Chroma
5 N/C
6 Luminance

an RGBi 8-pin DIN:

Pin Number RGBi (TTL)

1 N/C
2 Red
3 Green
4 Blue
5 Intensity
6 Ground

7 Horiz.Sync
8 Vert. Sync

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