DigiBooster V1.0 (28.02.2014) [OS3, OS4, MOS, WOS, AROS,...]
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Autor:  HelmutH [ 01 Mär 2014, 18:06 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  DigiBooster V1.0 (28.02.2014) [OS3, OS4, MOS, WOS, AROS,...]

28.02.2014 DigiBooster V1.0 [OS3, OS4, MOS, WOS, AROS, Win, MacOS, Linux, Android]

Joining in the celebration of the highly anticipated release of DigiBooster 3, Airsoft Softwair is proud to present a DigiBooster plugin for Hollywood. After installing this plugin Hollywood will "automagically" be able to play DigiBooster modules in 44.1khz 16-bit stereo for your ultimate Amiga tracker experience.

You can download the plugin from the official Hollywood portal. Thanks to Hollywood 5's cross-platform plug-in system versions for AmigaOS3 (Classic), AmigaOS3 (FPU), AmigaOS4, MorphOS, WarpOS, AROS (Intel), Linux (PowerPC), Linux (Intel), Mac OS (PowerPC), Mac OS (Intel), Windows and Google's Android platform are provided.

For more information on DigiBooster and the possibility to order the software, visit the official DigiBooster site.

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